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Over the past term, the Young Leaders have begun SYLA's annual Leadership Challenge, where they have been examining the leadership traits of some leaders, such as Sir Trevor McDonald, and Kanya King. They've been exploring inspiring facts about the famous leaders that for many boys tapped into their own leadership journeys.

Keeping with 'leadership journeys', this term we've also had two visits from our networks. The first from army officer Ellie, who held the boys to 'Attention!’ through her enthralling tales of heroic military memories. Leadership, she emphasised, comes in many shapes and sizes, and no truer is this than when you have to consider loyalty to those you lead; resilience when you make flawed decisions; and the composure to balance these truths and more.

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An equally inspiring visit came from bank manager Mikhael, who treated the boys to a compelling and personal voyage from Benin, West Africa to London, via Switzerland! This talk taught the boys an invaluable lesson:  yes their leadership journeys may be long, but they sure are worthwhile and achievable when you dare to dream, and set goals to make these happen.

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