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Southside operates a number of projects, programmes and networks throughout the year. For more information on each, click on the links below:

  • Family Support Network

    Partnership with parents is vital to the success of the Academy. The network is a friendly, informal group for our parents to learn about how we work with the Young Leaders as well as have opportunities for their own personal development.

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  • In School Leadership

    The Ngazi Project

    projects inschoolNgazi (Swahili for ‘stepping stones to knowledge’) is a brand new project we are offering to schools. It’s a 14-week in–school Leadership and Personal Development programme which aims to provide boys with the tools to become confident individuals able to overcome present and potential problems. Delivered over two sessions per week - a 45 minute group session, followed by one to one mentoring sessions for each boy - the Ngazi Project encourages children to:

    • Unlock their potential
    • Be successful learners
    • Develop an awareness of their own behaviour
    • Develop and employ appropriate coping strategies
    • Recognise opportunities
    • Be responsible young citizens, able to hold their own in all environments


    Project Content

    Day 1. In small groups of 4-6, the boys take part in activities based on the leadership training at the Saturday Academy; subjects range from ‘respect’ to the ‘art of peacemaking’. (30 – 45mins)
    Day 2. Each boy gets 20 minute one-to-one mentoring when he gets the opportunity to discuss any personal matters or talk about things that came up in the group session


    One-to-one mentoring support

    For Young Leaders whose parents or school have requested additional support, SYLA can provide a leadership instructor to give on the spot help in the classroom. Our leadership instructor will visit regularly to monitor and keep a track of a boy’s academic targets and check on their behaviour and attitude during class.

  • Education Projects

    projects educationCentral to our work is supporting our Young Leaders to fulfill their educational potential. The Academy provides an after-schooleducation programme from 4.00–6.00pm once a week and tutorial support for every boy during the Saturday Academy.

    The overall aims of the education programme are to:

    • Encourage Young Leaders’ to take pride in their achievements and enjoy participating wholeheartedly in all areas of their education.
    • Provide a stimulating, friendly and secure environment in which each boy’s potential may be realised in academic, creative, physical and spiritual areas
    • Support boys with homework
    • Improve literacy and numeracy skills
    • Support secondary age students developing their study skills (focus will be on personal organisation and adapting to new circumstances)

    Boys receive support working one to one and in small groups, where our tutors focus on individual needs and help the boys raise and sustain their standard of school work

  • Holiday Programme


    projects saturdayBuilding on the Saturday training, the holiday programme offers a wide range of stimulating experiences including team-building exercises, educational and business trips and sporting activities. The boys attend an annual residential trip and participate in activities ranging from sailing to orienteering. 

    If I had...

    A short animation piece produced by our young leaders with the support of Youth Animation and Media (YAM) during an Easter holiday programme.




  • Saturday Academy

    projects saturdayOur Young Leaders meet weekly for:

    • Awards leadership training (including drill)
    • tutorial support
    • sports and interactive games
    • group discussions and role play
    • one to one mentoring support

    We’ve introduced an award system that supports and rewards the young leaders’ development during their time with the Academy. Boys are awarded leadership grades of apprentice, bronze, silver and gold as they demonstrate various leadership and life skills.


    All Young Leaders take part in drill sessions which teach physical coordination, self-awareness and cooperation in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

  • Leadership Programme

    projects leadershipBy providing positive role models, a structured programme and consistent messages regarding respect, conduct and leadership, the underlying ethos of our work is based on the notion that an awareness of behaviour leads to change.

    For our younger boys (ages 8 -11yrs), we focus on ‘personal leadership’ and character development using the 'Character Counts' approach. This programme helps boys’ personal development by teaching about six pillars of positive character.
    The aim is to gain an understanding of the importance of character by fully exploring the pillars through different exercises and activities. The six ‘Pillars of Character’ are:

    • Trustworthiness
    • Respect
    • Responsibility
    • Fairness
    • Caring
    • Citizenship

    In addition to Character Counts, older boys (11+) also receive training based on 12 leadership traits which they can use to help make positive choices.

    Our programme supports the Key Stage 2 PSHE curriculum in schools with particular reference to developing the boys’ sense of social justice, more responsibility and understanding the impact of their choices.
    How we work
    We offer exciting opportunities for boys to learn skills for life and get involved in character building activities, these include:

    • Leadership training (including drill)
    • Sports and interactive games
    • Tutorial support
    • One-to-one mentoring support
    • Group discussions and role play
    • Community projects
    • Guest speakers / facilitators
    • Trips to business
    • Residential outings

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