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projects educationCentral to our work is supporting our Young Leaders to fulfill their educational potential. The Academy provides an after-schooleducation programme from 4.00–6.00pm once a week and tutorial support for every boy during the Saturday Academy.

The overall aims of the education programme are to:

  • Encourage Young Leaders’ to take pride in their achievements and enjoy participating wholeheartedly in all areas of their education.
  • Provide a stimulating, friendly and secure environment in which each boy’s potential may be realised in academic, creative, physical and spiritual areas
  • Support boys with homework
  • Improve literacy and numeracy skills
  • Support secondary age students developing their study skills (focus will be on personal organisation and adapting to new circumstances)

Boys receive support working one to one and in small groups, where our tutors focus on individual needs and help the boys raise and sustain their standard of school work

Southside Young Leaders' Academy


54 Camberwell Road
London, SE5 0EW
020 7701 9055

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